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Summer Faculty Profile: Stephen Kappeler, College of Justice & Safety

Stephen Kappeler

At EKU, our faculty are dedicated instructors who place student success above all else.  Summer faculty are no exception! The Summer Faculty Spotlight series will highlight outstanding summer faculty across all six colleges.  Meet Stephen Kappeler, senior lecturer in the College of Justice and Safety. Kappeler will be teaching three online, upper-level electives during the first summer term. 

What courses are you teaching this summer?  

CRJ 315 - Police Administration (CRN 52922) - 100% online - offered in first six weeks

CRJ 325 - White Collar Crime (CRN 52923) - 100% online - offered in first six weeks 

PLS 410 - Community Policing (CRN 52925) - 100% online - offered in first six weeks 

Have you taught summer courses before? How many times?

Yes, I have taught summer courses before. I have taught summer courses at EKU when I first started as an adjunct instructor in 2004 and have continued so every summer since I started full-time in 2006. I have taught these same three courses every summer since 2004, since students find them interesting and insightful to their career goals.

How do your summer courses look different from your fall and spring courses?  

My summer courses meet totally online, whereas all my fall and spring courses meet in person. All my fall and spring courses are core requirements, and each includes in-depth projects which last the entire 16 weeks of the semester. However, my summer courses are elective courses. 

How have you seen students be successful through taking summer courses?

I could approach this question from the perspective of a faculty member as well as from the perspective of an academic adviser. As an academic adviser, I’ve seen how students can benefit from summer courses as a way to gain some hours that may have been lost or missed in previous semesters. Students may also be able to shave off a semester or two by taking summer courses every summer. As a faculty member, I have seen students who take courses in the summer come away with better grades and a better GPA because the summer terms seem to be less hectic for most students than do the fall and spring semesters. 

How might a College of Justice and Safety student benefit from taking summer courses?

CJS students, as well as any student in any discipline, would benefit from taking summer courses. Summer courses are generally interesting and offer new insights to students. My summer courses would meet the requirement for 300 level or above elective courses in any discipline.  

What advice would you give to a summer student taking your class?

Be prepared for a greater appreciation for the topic being taught. Come with an open mind and be prepared and receptive to new thoughts and ideas.

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Published on February 18, 2021

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