Welcome to Undergraduate Studies

The nationally recognized undergraduate studies program at EKU provides a range of courses in  justice studies including courses in general criminal justice, policing, corrections, law, juvenile justice, and social justice designed to prepare students for graduate study in criminal justice, law, justice studies, or the social sciences and/or employment in the fields of criminal justice, social services and social advocacy. At EKU we offer:

  • Courses taught by exceptional faculty, many of whom have worked in the fields of criminal justice and/or social justice
  • Small personalized classes where students and faculty get to know one another
  • Opportunities to participate in clubs, organizations, and honor societies that broaden students’ professional relationships and their understanding of criminal justice related practice
  • A variety of field focused courses, co-ops, internships, service learning, and other hands-on learning experiences
  • National and international travel and educational opportunities designed to help students expand their understanding of efforts to promote justice here and abroad
  • Personalized advising through the College Advising Center
  • A living environment where students who stay on campus can live with other justice studies majors in the Justice and Safety Living and Learning Community.
  • A unique educational experience designed not only to prepare you for the world of work but to prepare you for making a difference in the lives of others                                      

We are proud of our faculty, students, and programs and we are confident that the School of Justice Studies provides students with an unrivaled learning experience. If this sounds appealing to you, we invite you to join our EKU family.

The School of Justice Studies offers the following undergraduate degrees:

Social Justice Studies Program


Criminal Justice Program


Police Studies Program


Online Correctional & Juvenile Justice Studies Program


Online Police Studies Degrees


For more information about the undergraduate studies programs in the School of Justice Studies or to arrange a campus visit, contact Jacinda Bertie (jacinda.bertie@eku.edu) Thank you for your interest in the School of Justice Studies at EKU!