Dr. Tyler Wall

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  • Assistant Professor


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  • Department: School of Justice Studies
  • Office: Stratton 458
  • Email: Tyler.Wall@eku.edu
  • Mailing Address: Stratton 467


Tyler Wall is an Assistant Professor in the School of Justice Studies as Eastern Kentucky University. He received his Ph.D. in Justice Studies, an interdisciplinary degree from Arizona State University. He has published his work in academic journals such as Theoretical Criminology, Social Justice: A Journal of Crime, Conflict, & World Order, Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, and Surveillance & Society, among others.

His research and writing focuses on the cultural-aeshetic, political economic, and spatial dynamics of state power and violence, security politics, and everyday life, especially in the context of the “war on terror.” He is particularly interested in exploring the ways in which "homefront" and "battlefront" geographies are assembled through logics and practices of security, capital accumulation, and (neo)colonial pacification.  His most recent projects are about the cultural representations of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, the transfer of military surveillance drones to domestic police departments in the U.S., and the visual politics/economies of security and surveillance and crime and suspicion.  Tyler welcomes the opportunity to work with graduate students on their own research endeavors.

Recent Publications/Interviews

- Dr. Tyler Wall Discusses Drones and Militarization on NPR

- From Warzone to the Police Beat: The Rise of Unmanned Policing


Subject  TitleTimeLocationTerm
CRJ 101Intro. to Criminal Justice10:10am-11:00am Stratton Building 434Spring 2014
CRJ 101Intro. to Criminal Justice9:05am-9:55am Stratton Building 438Fall 2013
CRJ 101Intro. to Criminal Justice12:20pm-1:10pm Stratton Building 423Fall 2013
CRJ 490Capstone in Crim Just  Internet Classes SITEFall 2013
CRJ 490Capstone in Criminal Justice  Internet Classes SITESpring 2014
CRJ 870Theories of Crime & Crim Just2:00pm-4:45pm Stratton Building 446Fall 2013
CRJ 890Security, Surv & State Power2:00pm-4:45pm Stratton Building 150Spring 2014