Dr. Travis Linnemann

  • Assistant Professor

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  • Department: School of Justice Studies
  • Office: Stratton 467A
  • Mailing Address: Stratton 467
  • Email: travis.linnemann@eku.edu
  • Phone: (859)622-4993
  • Office Hours: Wednesday 1:10pm-5:00pm or by appointment


Travis Linnemann is an Assistant Professor of Justice Studies. He earned a Ph.D. in sociology from Kansas State University in 2011. His first book, tentatively titled Drug War Death Wish is under contract with New York University Press. He and co-author Yvonne Jewkes are also currently at work on an as of yet unnamed media and crime volume for Sage Publications.

Travis has written on a variety of broad topics including police and state violence and drug control. These articles appear in British Journal of Criminology, Theoretical Criminology, Crime, Media, Culture, Critical Criminology. Most recently, Travis took on Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood to discuss how cultural production by way of true crime reporting is productive of distinct forms of affective landscapes and criminal subjectivities.  

His ongoing work concerns the linkages between the war on drugs and terror, so-called “narcoterror”, psycho-geographies and landscapes of violence and the policing imaginary, such as that found on HBO’s True Detective series.

Travis teaches in the broad areas of media, culture, drugs and policing and welcomes students interested in related topics.

You can find most of his work here: www.travislinnemann.com



Subject  TitleDatesLocationTerm
CRJ 331Perspectives Crime & DelinqueMWF 3:35pm-4:25pm Stratton Building 153Spring 2017
CRJ 423Crime and MediaMWF 2:30pm-3:20pm Stratton Building 438Spring 2017
CRJ 899Thesis II   Spring 2017