Dr. Pete Kraska

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  • Chair of Graduate Program/Professor


Contact Information

  • Department: School of Justice Studies
  • Office: Stratton 466
  • Email: peter.kraska@eku.edu
  • Phone: (859)622-1980
  • Mailing Address: Stratton 467


Dr. Pete Kraska is Professor and Chair of Graduate Studies and Research in the School of Justice Studies. He has distinguished himself as a leading scholar in the areas of criminal justice theory, police and criminal justice militarization, and research methods. He has published seven books including Criminal Justice and Criminology Research Methods, Theorizing Criminal Justice: Eight Essential Orientations, and Militarizing The American Criminal Justice System: The Changing Roles of the Armed Forces and Police. Dr. Kraska’s research has also been published in a number of leading journals, including the British Journal of Criminology, Social Problems, Justice Quarterly, and Policing and Society.

His recent research interests include making theoretical sense of the emergence of underground cage-fighting, the trend to legalize through medicalization the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), and a continuation of study into the blurring distinction between criminal justice and the military in the wars on drugs and terrorism.

Dr. Kraska’s work has received national and international attention; it has been featured in media outlets such as The Economist, Washington Post, BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, National Public Radio, Peter Jennings’s World News Tonight, and the PBS News Hour.

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Subject  TitleTimeLocationTerm
COR 812Leading w/Pol. Eth. Emot Intel  Internet Classes SITESpring 2015
COR 818Methods in Corr/Juv Justice  Internet Classes SITESpring 2015
CRJ 800Advanced Crimi Justice Studies2:00pm-4:45pm Stratton Building 446Spring 2015
CRJ 898Thesis I  Stratton Building Spring 2015
GRD 897AMS Corr/JJ Stud Written Comp   Spring 2015
GRD 897BMS Crim Justice Written Comp   Spring 2015
GRD 898AMS Corr/JJ Studies Oral Comp   Spring 2015