School of Justice Studies

It is truly my pleasure to welcome you to the School of Justice Studies in the College of Justice and Safety at Eastern Kentucky University.  I hope you will take a few minutes to explore our academic programs, course offerings, faculty profiles and research institutes.  The School of Justice Studies brings together an exceptional and diverse collection of scholars of justice whose life work is devoted to outstanding teaching, high-quality research and meaningful service.  Our faculty are recognized both nationally and internationally for their accomplishments in the arena of justice, and our graduates hold leadership positions in every field of justice throughout the world.  If you are serious about the study and practice of justice, I invite you to join this remarkable collection of scholars.

Victor E. Kappeler, Ph.D.
Dean and Foundation Professor
Eastern Kentucky University
College of Justice and Safety
521 Lancaster Avenue
354 Stratton Building
Richmond, Kentucky 40475

Undergraduate Studies           Graduate Studies and Research

The School of Justice Studies provides a stimulating learning environment that promotes respect, tolerance, sensitivity and an open exchange of ideas regarding a wide range of cultural and intellectual differences.

Mission of the School of Justice Studies

We are committed to exemplary teaching, research and philosophy that is grounded in:

  • cutting-edge scholarship
  • engaging students in critical inquiry, logical and ethical thinking
  • direct engagement of the social world to develop a deep and practical understanding of justice problems
  • service to the community, university, and profession 

Providing students with the most current knowledge in the field prepares them to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex, technological, and diverse society.

Program Objectives

The purpose of undergraduate programs in the School of Justice Studies is to educate students to be critical thinkers who can communicate their thoughts effectively in oral and written form. Our programs will familiarize students with facts and concepts and teach them to apply this knowledge to related problems and changing situations.

Primary objectives of the School of Justice Studies is on developing students who have:

  • critical and creative thinking skills;
  • a sound understanding of the theoretical basis and principles of justice;
  • highly effective communication and analytical skills;
  • the ability for qualitative and quantitative reasoning;
  • a desire to engage the social world; and,
  • a deep understanding and appreciation of the importance of diversity;
  • the knowledge and skills to be future leaders in the field of justice.

The degree programs in Justice Studies give students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills above the introductory level through a logically sequenced, coherent, and rigorous body of coursework.

All our programs in the School of Justice Studies are part of a broadly based degree program with a balance of general education, required and elective courses in justice and in related fields, and unrestricted electives wherever possible.